Arden University Online Course Reviews

by Find My Programme on Aug 2, 2022

Arden University Online Course Reviews

Arden University Online Courses Reviews

Are you looking for a flexible University to let your dreams come true? Or Are you inspired by your friends who have benefitted from flexible online courses? If so, Arden University is a great learning institution in the UK, providing anyone with desired flexibility in furthering studies. Since 1990, the institution has constantly been developing and is among Britain's most preferred learning partners. It offers a unique learning experience by combining various degrees and online courses that play a vital role in the emerging needs of the current world. Currently, the University offers more than 90 accredited career qualifications. All courses are certified by remarkable professional bodies such as the Chartered Management Institute, the Association for Project Management, British Psychological Society, and the Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation.

The University primarily focuses on doing things differently and better. Its stakeholders believe that advanced studies must be at the forefront of responding to the current and future trends and needs, the employers' expectations, and the evolving global economy to establish a better world for everyone. Amazingly, it has study centers in Manchester, UK, Birmingham, London, Berlin, Germany, and Leeds. It allows students to acquire mind-blowing qualifications irrespective of personal circumstances and background.

That sounds fascinating. Right? You may ask about Arden University's online courses, reviews, application approach, tuition fees, and distance learning programs. Thankfully, this post will answer all those questions alongside other helpful information you may need to know about Arden University Online. Read on!

Online Courses

Arden University's online courses allow everyone to achieve their dreams in their studies. Whether you're aware of your preferred course or searching for inspiration, Arden University will enable you to secure a flexible online course you'll enjoy.

The institution's blended learning and distance learning are all-around. You'll find lucrative choices ranging from Law, Accounting, Finance, and Computing to IT careers.

All the subjects covered in the career are carefully chosen for every student to progress in their career discipline. Therefore, Arden University's online courses mainly focus on the following subjects:

  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Management & Business
  • Law and Criminology
  • Graphic Design
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Data Analytics
  • Social Care and Health
  • Sociology and Psychology
  • Human Resource Management

All the institution's tutors are proficient in their field to ensure learners acquire updated learning content and adhere to the relevant course accreditations from practical bodies such as the CMI, CIM, APM, and BPS.

Arden University Course Reviews

A review is worth it before making a step toward any decision. Previous individuals' opinions matter to give us a head start on what we expect from similar moves. Therefore, this ensures we are in safe hands by facilitating choosing a wise approach.

In connection with this, we've carefully selected Arden University online course reviews to allow you to make a preferred choice in your next online course. Firstly, in a survey on the University's website, a successful graduate of MSc Accounting and Finance rates the university online course 4-star. The student says that the University is a suitable place for anyone willing to resume learning no matter how long you've been away. It allows you to enjoy the flexibility of attending all classes at home with a rich source of multiple workshops and supporting information. Further, all tutors are supportive and provide all the required information. The lessons also mix various cultures to allow you to enjoy a festive feeling each day.

In another survey by Trustpilot, a graduate who has completed a degree course from the University gives the institution a 5-star rating. The graduate loves the incredible flexible learning experience. Additionally, he says that the lecturers were informative and helpful.

Arden University online courses also receive positive reviews from Postgraduate Search. Most graduates love the ever-supportive tutors and the always-at-the-corner information. Additionally, the structure and flexibility provided by the institution cannot be forgotten— previous students also enjoy how emerging issues are attended to with quick responses to ensure that everything runs well.

Arden University UK Online Courses

Arden University UK online courses allow anyone to choose an appropriate level of education and career. The institution has various career-rated, appreciated, and accredited qualifications. The qualifications include master, and MBA degrees, degree top-ups, HE diplomas, foundation year degrees, and degree apprenticeships. Read more about Arden's online Masters programmes in our blog. Here is a broad overview of some of the courses:


Arden University Online Masters

Arden University allows anyone with their first undergraduate degree to earn a postgraduate master's degree to increase expertise in study, career, employment, and overall potential. Here are some of the online master's programs available at the University:

MA Human Resource Management- This is a 1-year postgraduate course that covers multiple HR topics that may include resource planning, team development, and employee relations. It allows one to increase their HR knowledge while securing a career in this valuable industry.

Master of Public Health- This is a 1-year postgraduate course designed to be contemporary and flexible in its delivery. It has been created closely with leading industry advisory groups and public health employers. Typically, it exposes the learner to various assessment methods and teaching approaches to enhance the development of abilities and knowledge in public health. This helps all graduands to graduate with all essential skills for a successful public health career.

MSc Accounting and Finance- This is a 1+-year postgraduate program that supports the learners' career progression and employability in the prevailing fintech sector. It also helps them develop skills in data handling and digital analysis. During the course, learners source, explore, and analyze multiple original data sets from top-notch global businesses. This allows them to apply all finance and accounting principles to develop unique strategies to the available challenges.

MSc Project Management- This is a 1-year postgraduate course that enables learners to establish strategic project management skills that are highly demanded in all sectors of international business. It covers data handling, project analysis, understanding big data, and managing teams. It also has a well-designed syllabus that considers current global business problems and project management practice needs. Further, the course is accredited by the Chartered Association of Project Management (APM). Amazingly, the program is unique since it is the only master's degree in the UK that offers a Charted Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Diploma of Strategic Management and Leadership.


Arden University Online MBA

The Arden University online MBA is a 1+-year online course that allows all learners to focus on prevailing challenges of modern leadership by concentrating on developing comprehensive management skills. These skills apply to various business functions. The learners cover various helpful topics such as business and personal transformation, implementing strategy, and ethical leadership. Also, it allows them to compose a unique research project in a preferred industry sector that drives their passion for success.


Arden University Online Psychology

Arden University also offers a flexible 3+-year undergraduate course for individuals studying human responses and their effects. This course allows learners to develop a strong base of skills in psychology and sociology. It will enable them to demonstrate to their employers that they're composed with the essential skillsets that can progress in various attractive and rewarding roles. During the study, learners can develop good ideas about their future insights and be equipped with full support from the academic team regarding their relevant career paths.


Arden University Online Reviews

The Arden University Online has a 4-star rating, according to Studyportals Masters. The institution is highly-appreciated for its over two-decade experience in offering advanced education through its blended and online learning. The UK Quality Assurance Agency also values it for providing quality education. Notably, its learners can suitably spread the cost of their studies with versatile pay-as-you-progress plans and gain from over 80 academic lecturers for individual support.

Arden University Online is also noted for its flexible lecture times, allowing anyone with a busy schedule to access the learning materials anytime. Its qualifications are also globally recognized with professional bodies' accreditations. Further, students enjoy one-on-one communication with their tutors, that smoothens their learning process.


Online Learning & Distance Learning

The accredited institution, Arden University, offers a variety of top-best well-prepared online classes ranging from diplomas, degrees, and masters to Ph.D. All courses are flexible to the learners, enabling them to learn at their own pace comfortably. The institution also appreciates the value of money by offering classes at a lower price compared to the on-campus degrees. To achieve this, it has developed a digital learning platform called ilearn that allows all enrolled students to access relevant materials. This platform also allows learners to conveniently interact with their instructors for an easy track of progress, feedback, and guidance on any alarming issues.

Arden University distance learning programs offer a flexible learning approach to learners similar to online courses. However, these courses allow learners to secure in-person lectures twice every week. This allows students handling courses involving practical learning to acquire all essential skills. The distance learning programs also enable the students to access online learning resources within the due course of their study period. Unfortunately, this learning mode is only available to individuals residing in the UK. Therefore, individuals living in other countries cannot benefit from the program.


Arden University Online Application

Arden University Online offers a simple application process to its new students. The following are the practical steps:

  1. Visit the university webpage and click the 'Enquire’ button on your preferred course page.
  1. Correctly fill out and submit the online application documents. In case of any difficulties, you can reach out to the friendly Student Recruitment team.
  1. After sending the application, the support team will reply with a confirmation email which may take 2 working days. This email will advise you on the necessary documents that may be required and address all your concerns.
  1. Later, the Arden University student recruiting team will handle your application to determine your eligibility for the course. This can delay up to 10 days, and you may be required to provide any missing information.
  1. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you'll acquire an offer of acceptance letter containing all the practical steps of joining your selected program.

These steps may differ for non-EU applicants. If you’re such an applicant, you’ll be required to secure a place by paying some holding fee for the course, attending an embassy interview, obtaining a visa, preparing your documents, and securing accommodation.

Tuition Fees

Arden University offers an affordable and flexible tuition fee for all its students. It charges £1250 for MBAs, £1,140 for psychology courses, and £975 for all other postgraduate courses. Each class's applicable fees are considerably cheaper than other conventional institutions. Plus, all courses are worth the price. Therefore, if you consider the value for money, Arden University is your perfect place.

The University has also developed suitable funding options depending on study levels, students' origin, convenient mode of payment, and home country. The institution's website has a well-integrated online financial help interface that allows all learners to acquire grants, scholarships, financial applications and requirements, and much more. You can click on this link to identify more about Arden University's online tuition fees for any course.

Bottom Line

Don't watch your dreams of furthering your studies vanish. Arden University Online is a great place to acquire your preferable course in a flexible learning approach at a low cost. All courses are accredited by relevant bodies to ensure you're employable in the market. Further, the institution has the best tutors and lecturers who offer side support for easy learning. Additionally, you can easily acquire financial assistance at the institution through the available peripheral sources. Therefore, you can confidently choose Arden University as your dream-come-true institution for advancing your studies. Thankfully, you’ll be competitive in your field and outsmart your competitors with much ease.


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