Arden University Online MBA

by Find My Programme on Jul 29, 2022

Arden University Online MBA


Arden University Online MBA


Arden University is a provider of an affordable online MBA program with quality instruction from a module tutor on improving your skills. Thanks to the flexible coursework, the program suits the working adults offering the opportunity to earn a graduate degree without quitting your family or job commitments or even interrupting your career.


The MBA program can help you meet your professional goals, broaden your work experience and provide access to new business opportunities. Arden University has proven to provide quality online graduate education.


The university headquarters is in Coventry in the UK, closeby London. The program is available to students worldwide. It has a track record of helping students grow and develop by offering them a better chance at securing gainful employment.


Programme review


Established in 1990, Arden University is a business school with a reputation for quality. The online MBA program at Arden is ideal for professionals who have some experience in the field and who want to get a degree that will also be valuable in their current workplace. Many employees attend the program to improve their jobs, increase their pay, and have achievements such as external promotion.


The MBA with specialization in management program is designed for students who want to earn their degree flexibly and avoid having to stop working. It is aimed at those who want to advance into managerial positions within their fields but do not have the time or patience to study for a full-time MBA.


Arden’s undergraduate and postgraduate program portfolio offers a variety of disciplines and a wide range of majors to choose from. The business school has an enrolment of 5,700 students from different countries around the world.


The history


Arden University was started as Resource Development International Holdings founded by John Holden to provide distance learning and support for adults returning to college. The online college offered a wide array of degree programs for people who wanted to improve their knowledge. Learning Without Boundaries was its motto. The school offered many similar courses to ones offered by traditional colleges.


The online university has grown exponentially and has become one of the most respected online colleges. The business school was bought by Global University Systems, a Netherlands-based company that managed to successfully integrate the two schools and helped the online university grow.


Resource Development International was awarded university status in 2015, and in August same year, it was relaunched as Arden University. The former CEO of Resource Development International was its founding Vice-Chancellor and CEO. It was among the first distance learning institutions in the UK and the third private university under the Conservative legislation.


The university offers various degree programs, including business, criminology, computing, and more. The university vice chancellor and CEO was succeeded in 2019 by Carl Lygo.


Most alumni of the university state that they are satisfied with the online education and that they have achieved their goals. They have also gained employment opportunities, making them grateful graduates. They expressed satisfaction with the degree of personal attention they received and valued the career opportunities and recognition they earned.


The knowledge that they have acquired has helped them to succeed and take on leadership positions in their fields. They have also successfully maintained their corporate careers throughout the program and felt that the program helped them feel more confident about their future.




Arden University Online MBA graduates have successfully made it through the program and are now highly successful. The following are recommendations for students interested in taking online courses at Arden University.


  1. Personal Time Management

The most important aspect of online courses is being self-disciplined and arranging your schedule. You should ensure that you meet your family's and work's needs while attending class at a time that suits you.


  1. Study Habits

Setting up a study routine that will enable you to learn and retain information when studying is important. You must arrange the time, location, and studying quality for maximum effect.


  1. Stay motivated

You must consider all the factors involved during a course and meet your goals so that you can succeed in it. If your study habits are solidified, and you follow the other recommendations, it will be easier for you to succeed in this program.


  1. Online Support

Establishing online support for assistance is important in case you experience any technical problems. The program offers online and tech support. Call or email if you need help.


  1. Financial Aid

It is also important to consider your financial situation, especially if you are taking a loan. The loans will need to be repaid even if you drop out, so you must consider the financial aspects of the program and attend class regularly.


  1. Accreditation

Ensure your school is accredited, as it will help determine the program's quality. It is also important to ensure that you meet the deadlines for registration and attendance, as it can be an issue after completing the course.


  1. Job Placement

If you are concerned about finding a job, you need to consider this program as it has a solid reputation for helping graduates find employment. It will give you less stress to concentrate on your coursework and complete the degree requirements successfully.



Why to study an online MBA with Arden?

Arden University Online MBA students enjoy the flexibility of the program and its duration. Working professionals can keep their day jobs and attend class comfortably. The courses also teach students how to carry out business transactions confidently, which can be valued in the workforce.


Many universities are now offering online courses, but there are certain things that students should consider when looking for an online university that can help them progress with their education. The type of institution you are looking to attend is paramount, and you must ensure that the institution has an accredited degree. It is also good to look into the school's reputation, as this will give you peace of mind when studying.




  1. Is Arden University a good university?

Arden University is a good university as it has a selection of degrees you can complete. The university also has a good reputation, which puts students at ease as they can complete their degrees without worrying about whether other universities will accept them.


  1. Where is Arden University located?

Arden University is in the UK and has study centers in Birmingham, Manchester, London, and Berlin.


  1. What subjects are offered by Arden University Online MBA?

The university offers a wide range of subjects to students studying the online program. Students can study online business administration, online criminology, online computing, etc.


  1. What are the requirements for Arden University Online MBA?

The university has specific requirements regarding age, qualifications, and English proficiency.


  1. How do I graduate?

The program is completed through a series of classes that are taken online. Students can graduate once they have completed the required classes and their modules are reviewed.

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