Sustainability studies - study with Business School Lausanne

by Find My Programme on Mar 7, 2022

Sustainability studies - study with Business School Lausanne


The World Economic Forum (WEF) reports that consumers believe that businesses have as much responsibility towards driving positive change as governments with consumers switching brands that don’t match their values. Interestingly, the WEF reports that this ‘eco-wakening’ is not limited to higher-income countries as consumers from emerging economies have similar demands. However, this global movement is not simply based on how earth-friendly a company’s products and practices are Deloitte reports that consumers also expect businesses to demonstrate a commitment to ethical work practices and respect for human rights.

 As the ‘triple bottom line’, that includes planet, people, and profit, becomes ever more relevant to the business world, so do the people that can drive positive change.

The Business School Lausanne has incorporated sustainability into its teachings at the bachelor’s level for over a decade with its SDG course receiving the endorsement of the UN in 2020.

As businesses start to adopt more sustainable practices to meet consumer demands, they will need leaders who can drive effective top-down changes through innovative ideas and a thorough understanding of today’s globalised and digitised world. It is with this in mind, that the Business School Lausanne (BSL) introduced the sustainability concentration for its master’s students in September 2021.

Master’s degree with a Concentration in Sustainability

The sustainability concentration incorporates all the topics you need to become a dynamic international business leader with the added benefits of understanding the latest sustainable business frameworks and practices. As students of international business, BSL also offer diversity and inclusion courses to drive truly collaborative and diverse working environments. Students are given the tools and knowledge they need to make meaningful impacts in business.

Sustainability touches up on almost all aspects of our lives integrating diverse disciples that include finance, people, circular product design, and economy. As a student of business and sustainability, you will have the opportunity to go beyond ‘business as usual’ to study a range of topics to develop the skills you need to become a social entrepreneur and business leader.

Going beyond the classroom

BSL believes in experiential learning and caters to every student’s personal educational needs and interests by offering them the opportunity to pursue their degrees through full-time or part-time study. Personal projects are encouraged along with close interactions with industry experts of their choice. Students can also pursue internship opportunities in NGOs or socially responsible companies.

BSL Sustainability Club

Networking and real-world experience is key to learning. The BSL Sustainability Club’s (BSLSC) goal is to bring together the BSL community and use collective intelligence and discussions to explore the different pillars of sustainability, what we can do individually and collectively to bring about much needed change in our daily lives and in business along with bringing policies for change to governments. The BSLSC hosts formal and informal events such as guest speaker events, panel discussions, and workshops to encourage open dialogues to review, analyse and demystify information surrounding sustainability.

If being a catalyst for positive change appeals to you, have a look at what the university has to offer in its Masters in International Business here.


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