Life Long Learning- it is here to stay.

by Barbara Galkowska on Feb 3, 2022

Life Long Learning- it is here to stay.


Job market - predictions

According to Forbes “it’s estimated that between 35 and 50 percent of jobs that exist today are at risk of being lost to automation. Repetitive, blue-collar type jobs might be first, but even professionals - including paralegals, diagnosticians, and customer service representatives - will be at risk.”

That to many of us gives goosebumps and makes you think about what to do in order to secure your job in the future.

As a matter of fact, many jobs are based on repetitive tasks that can be systematized and automated, and from a business standpoint if systematization and automatization are possible then they should happen. Moreover, researchers ask whether one should waste their time doing jobs we don’t particularly enjoy, with lots of mundane and repetitive tasks. Is it not our obligation to pass those jobs to machines?


Life-long learning- it's all about shifting your mindset

The challenge here is to rethink the existing economic model to ensure the people who want to do something more interesting and enjoyable can afford to do so. One of the solutions here is the concept of life-long learning. This requires professionals, who want to remain competitive in their environment to constantly re-skill themselves and drop the assumption of an education they earned in the first half of their professional career to be needed for the rest of their working lives.

In other words, our way of thinking should shift from considering earning a degree for a lifetime to education as an ongoing learning journey. Fortunately, nowadays in order to further educate yourself, one does not need to invest their time and effort into pursuing a degree but can choose out of a wide portfolio of other qualifications, including non-academic courses. Whether you choose professional qualifications (accredited by professional bodies), short specialized courses (allowing to upskill yourself professionally or individually-gaining skills that are of your personal interest), or micro-credentials (allowing you to collect university credits and further continue to upskill yourself to a higher degree), these will keep you growing, developing will definitely add a competitive aspect, not to mention a feeling of fulfillment by taking more control over your future. If you are interested in reviewing the offer of the above-mentioned qualifications, check our offer on



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