Tired of Your Job? Signs of career change.

by Find My Programme on Feb 15, 2022

Tired of Your Job? Signs of career change.

Making the decision to move careers can feel drastic but also fulfilling at the same time. If you have always longed to do something but life led you elsewhere, there is no better time than the present to make the move.

The report State of Ageing in 2020 by the Centre for Ageing Better states that over one in three workers in the UK are aged over 50 as people now retire later in life than they used to. As careers extend in time, age need not be a deciding factor in your decision-making process, even if it means going back to university to earn a postgraduate degree. In fact, the Harvard Business Review asserts that career paths need to be reconsidered from the traditional education, work, retire model as life expectancies extend and people should give themselves time for “multiple dips” into education.

Advantages to Changing Careers

Going back to education can be daunting, especially as those in the workforce already have commitments towards their jobs and families. This is where online master’s degrees shine. They allow you study in your own time and adhere to any existing commitments you may have. Many programmes are flexible too, allowing you to complete them part-time. Additionally, quite a few online master’s degree programmes accept those with different educational backgrounds or with relevant work experience and may even offer credits for your experience.

Earning a master’s degree can offer multiple benefits whether you want to move up the career ladder in your current field or switch careers entirely. Apart from personal growth and networking opportunities, these findings from the Higher Education Policy Institute boost the argument for postgraduate study:

  • Those with a postgraduate degree earned between 12 and 28 percent more than their counterparts with only a graduate degree.
  • The same report found that in the latest crash, employment for those with a postgraduate degree fell slower and recovered faster than for those with a graduate degree.

Pathways to Change

If you’re considering your next big career move, read on to learn about some of the online master’s degree programmes that can help you make the shift.

Data Analytics:

A report by the Centre for the Promotion of Imports run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the Netherlands states that Europe has a massive skills gap when it comes to workers in the data services industry. The European big data market was estimated to be worth €13.6 billion in 2019 and was predicted to have an average annual increase of 25.7% from 2020 to 2025. With three times more job postings than eligible candidates, data analytics can be a rewarding field to enter.

An online master’s degree in data analytics can help you enter this field with the skills needed to help companies identify trends and insights to develop their business strategies. Topics in such a programme typically include:

  • Data management
  • Big Data Applications
  • Business Intelligence

Data analysts are needed in practically every field today, so you may be able to find employment in a field that interests you – whether it is healthcare, energy, or even retail. Find out how to apply for an online master’s degree in data analytics here.

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship:

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) represent 99 percent of all the businesses in the European Union reports the European Commission. According to the EU Start Up Monitor Report of 2018, over 79 percent of founders were looking for self-fulfilment when they decided to start their businesses, more than 62 percent were looking for independence while only 7.6 percent had identified a market opportunity they wanted to explore.

An online master’s degree in innovation and entrepreneurship can help you develop vital business skills with topics like:

  • New Product Development
  • Entrepreneurship Theory
  • Business Venturing

If you are thinking of branching out and starting your own firm, a master’s degree in innovation management and entrepreneurship may be the one for you. Graduates of these degree programs can also find employment in companies of all sizes as they look for leaders who can spot new opportunities and develop them. Potential job titles include product innovation manager. product development manager, and change manager.

Find out how you can earn your master’s in innovation management and entrepreneurship online here.


Artists are needed across various industries – from the burgeoning video games and VFX industries to product design and graphic design. A well-known employment solutions business, Robert Half reports that creative directors and art directors are among the highest paid creative jobs today. The creative industry is huge, with the global market for design services reaching a value of nearly $153.2 billion in 2018 reports the Business Research Company.

A master’s degree in illustration can help you unleash your creative side and learn the business aspects of entering a creative field. Topics may include:

  • Narrative and Storytelling
  • Professional Practice of Illustration
  • Visual Language

A master’s degree in illustration online can help you find employment in the fields of advertising, publishing, graphic design, web design and art direction as an animator, a concept artist, a multimedia programmer, amongst others. Find out how you can earn a master’s degree in illustration online here.

Global Human Resource Management:

The world has become increasingly interconnected with the internet and even small companies now have the potential to employ a global workforce. In its Future of Work 2020 Report, the World Economic Forum states that human capital is the most important asset a company can have while the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) points out that ‘matching talent to demand across borders’ is one of the biggest challenges many companies face.

A master’s degree in global human resource management can help you learn to manage people across borders, manage diverse workforces, and keep up to date with some of the latest HR technologies that are predicted to become the next big trend. Some of the topics you study may include:

  • Contemporary Issues in International HRM
  • Strategy, Leadership, and the Business Context
  • Managing the Employee Lifecycle

You may come across job titles like global HR manager, global sourcing manager, and diversity and inclusion manager among others. Learn more about how you can earn your global human resource management master’s degree online here.

Event Management:

While the pandemic has severely restricted travel and gatherings impacting several industries, the future of the events industry looks good. According to a 2021 GlobeNewswire, the global events industry is expected to reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028. The demand for non-traditional events spaces, business seminars, and music concerts are expected to drive this growth. Virtual events will require events organisers to get creative and strengthen their digital presence. In short, it’s quite and exciting time to enter the industry. Event management is also one of the occupations that will not be taken over by robots any time in the near future.

A master’s degree in creative events management can help you enter this exciting field. It can help you learn how design, plan, and produce events across multiple sectors. It can also help bring you up to date with the world of digital events to further strengthen your resume. Some topics you would typically study include:

  • Digital Futures for Events and Events Marketing
  • Creative Practice in Event Design
  • Sustainable Practice

You may decide to run your own events management firm or find employment in roles with titles like conference services manager, project manager, and senior executive. Find out how you can enter this exciting industry with an online master’s degree in event management here.

Global Public Health:

Thinking of health on a global scale has come to the forefront after the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Deloitte in its 2021 Global Health Care Outlook report states that the pandemic has made governments, health care providers, payers, and other stakeholders struggle to adapt and innovate. This is driving collaboration across organizations, industries, academia, and governments to look beyond conventional methods of delivering healthcare to bring about innovation on a worldwide scale.

A master’s degree in global public health can help you be at the forefront of this change as you gain a deeper understanding of the challenges we face and discover potential solutions. Some topics you may look forward to exploring include:

  • Health Inequalities and the State of Global Health
  • Understanding Epidemiology and Statistics
  • Disease Management: Policy and Practice

Graduates of a master’s degree programme in global public health may find employment in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and NGOs in diverse roles. Find out how you can follow your passion with a master’s degree in global public health online here.

Apart from helping you find employment in a field you want to pursue, an online master’s degree programme can also open up opportunities for further education in the form of PhDs or professional degrees and so help you enter the fields of research and academia.

It is never too late to start learning afresh – a new career, fresh horizons. Henry Ford has said it well, “Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

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