Business School Lausanne - Bachelor of Business Administration.

Your entry point to a changing business world. A specialized degree that provides you with the knowledge and skills required for a successful career.
  • Business School Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 87000 CHF (excluding admission fee)
  • 3 Years
  • Campus
  • 10 February 2023

Course Information

With a Bachelor of Business Administration, you will be equipped with the solid grounds necessary to become successful in business. This programmme is being offered in two tracks: an accelerated track enabling you to finish the programme in two years and a track combining BBA and Masters taking three years in total.

Further, you can choose between BBA Classic and Millennial both of them enabling experimental learning internships in Switzerland or abroad. The Double Degree with a year placement at top schools in either Dublin or Paris will provide you with a valuable understanding of other business learning cultures.

BSL offers a truly personalized approach offering classes small in size to encourage creating a dynamic and interactive learning environment where ideas and concepts are being shared and discussed within the business concept. Apart from developing a solid grounding of professional and practical skills, BSL provides courses teaching digital and interpersonal skills preparing you for work in a fast-changing environment and in an ever-shifting market. Dedicated Career Office and Alumni network serve an important role in creating connections offering internships, jobs and providing voluntary positions opportunities.


About the University / School

Founded in 1987 by Dr John Hobbs Business School Lausanne is based in Switzerland, With a diverse student community and qualified and experienced faculty members the school is proud of its co-creative approach to learning, focusing on topics as broad as leadership, systems thinking, economics and business-driven sustainability.
The school is specialized in providing business and management education with a focus on sustainability. The school offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. BSL's programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.


Learning format

BSL offers four formats of BBA programme to choose from, depending on your aims and preferable programme duration.


BBA Classic & BBA Classic with optional internship

During the thee year programme duration, students will follow 34 business essential courses (or 31 courses + internship) and participate in 12-weeklong, student-driven, Business Innovation Weeks at the end of each term (10 BIW for those involved in internships).

Students will follow 4 x 10 week structure enabling them to progress into a rhythm for focused academic learning.

Spending 40 contact hours per course, students have the opportunity to dive deep into subjects and through project-based learning style and class interactions with fellow students explore understanding of taught topics.

Allowing students to commit to a three-year programme duration allows for acquiring a full understanding of each area of studies without the necessity of sacrificing focus on personal development and ambitions outside the classroom.


 BBA Accelerated program

Following the accelerated track of studies, through the duration of three years, students will follow 36 business essential courses and participate in 8-weeklong, student-driven, Business Innovation Weeks at the end of each term. Accelerated track of studies is addressed towards students driven by intellectual stimulation, seeking for diving deeper into academic excellence. Successful candidates will receive 200 ECTS credits in two years allowing for the potential acquisition of both a Bachelor & Master degree in only 3.5 years at BSL.


Double degree BBA program (final year in Dublin at DBS or Paris at UPEC)

Through this track, students are offered to spend 2 years at BSL and then head to the cities of Dublin or Paris to complete their education. The Double degree BBA program studies at BSL comprise 3 courses per term and a total of 8 Business Innovation Weeks. Students will follow 4 x 10 week structure enabling them to progress into a rhythm for focused academic learning.

140ECTS credits are acquired from BSL and supplemental 60ECTS credits are to be awarded after successful completion of studies abroad. Students in the Double Degree program will receive two degrees – one from BSL and another one from Dublin Business School or UPEC.

Double Degree has a state accreditation, in addition to the BSL American accreditation (ACBSP). This increases the possibility of studying at a master’s level in a public university internationally.

Allowing students to commit to a three-year programme duration allows for acquiring a full understanding of each area of studies without the necessity of sacrificing focus on personal development and ambitions outside the classroom.


BBA Millennial program

This three year long programme is divided into two parts: 2 years of studies followed by 1 year of a chosen experience. Choosing the BBA Millennial program provides the ideal balance between basic business knowledge acquisition and a chosen type of applied experience that meets the way you learn.

A unique study mode of 1 year of studies followed by 6 months of experience gathering repeated twice over the study duration will maximize efforts towards acquiring hard skills, soft skills and real world experience, a means of propulsion towards further studies or a start of career.

The exclusive format of the BBA Millennial program enables students to have an increased hands-on approach to their education and provides an opportunity to tailor studies depending on individual educational and professional aspirations.


Entry requirements

In order to apply for any of tracks of this BBA programme, the following documents are required:

  • High school degree - the following high school degrees (or equivalent) are accepted:
    – International Baccalaureate (selected subjects from the IB Diploma, studied at the higher  level, can    result in college credits-ECTS potentially being awarded)
    – High School Diploma
    – Swiss Maturité
    – Swiss Professional Maturity (in commerce), i.e. “Berufsmatura” or “Maturité professionnelle”
    – German Abitur
    – English “A” Levels (minimum of 2 “A” Levels, 3 recommended)
    – French Baccalaureate or equivalent
  • English proficiency, minimum required: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80 or TOEIC 750 or DuoLingo 105 or Language Cert - High B2 (Communicator Level)
  • CV & Motivation letter
  • Two recommendation letters from school principals, counsellors, teachers or employers

Once these are submitted admissions team will inform you about the eligibility of your profile application status. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed, either on campus or via Skype or phone. During the interview applicants’ motivation, professional experience, potential and soft skills will be assessed. Once the Admissions Committee will make the decision it will be communicated to the applicant-this process takes a week.

A non-refundable administration fee of 1’900 CHF is required upon successful admission to reserve a seat in the program. Upon receiving payment confirmation, students will be provided with Full Acceptance letter, which confirms their seat in the programme. 


Application deadlines for September intake:

  • Swiss & EU Applicants – July 31st / August 31st
  • International Applicants – May 1st

Apply before:

01 November 2022

New registration dates to be announced soon

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Business School Lausanne - Business School Lausanne - Bachelor of Business Administration.