Fashion Sustainability: Shaping Fashion’s Future

Discover why sustainability in fashion matters and how to create a strategy to build sustainability in the industry. Institut Français de la Mode co-created by Kering
  • Certified course
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  • 3 Months
  • Online
  • 26 September 2022

Course Information

On this 10-week course, you’ll learn about the history and values of sustainable development – and why it matters in the fashion industry.

Sustainability has become a central concern in modern business – and society at large. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals call for business and government to create a more sustainable future by 2030.

With increased awareness of the damage caused by ‘fast fashion’ – and of the climate crisis in general – fashion and luxury goods brands need to fully embrace sustainability.

Based in the heart of Paris, the fashion capital of the world, Institut Français de la Mode has been a leading school of fashion management and design for over 30 years.

The course is led by Andrée-Anne Lemieux, Sustainability Professor and change leader at the heart of the industry’s transformation. Andrée-Anne Lemieux has over fifteen years of experience in the fashion industry, and specialises in sustainability transformation for new businesses, high street designers, and global corporations.

As the Sustainability IFM-Kering chair, she also manages scientific research in the field of sustainability in the fashion and luxury industry. You’ll also gain insights on sustainability from fashion industry stakeholders at NGOs, and startups, as well as hear from manufacturers and designers on their experiences of sustainability implementation.

You will be ready to become a change leader of the current industry’s transformation.


About the University / School

These are short courses certified by world-leading companies to deliver cutting-edge digital skills learning across the modern workplace.


Learning Format

Your learning, your rules- this course is split into weeks, activities, and steps, but you can complete them as quickly or slowly as you like.

Join a global classroom- Experience the power of social learning, and get inspired by an international network of learners.

Map your progress- Whenever you’re ready, mark each step as complete, you’re in control.

Before the start of the course, the participant is encouraged to become familiar with the issues of fashion sustainable development. To do so, they will find a bibliography indicating relevant resources.

This microcredential consists of 4 courses:

1. Building a CSR and Sustainability Strategy - 3 weeks duration, required 10 study hours per week

2. Environment and Social - 2 weeks duration, required 10 study hours per week

3. Sustainability in the Value Chain - 3 weeks duration, required 10 study hours per week

4. Sustainable Innovation- 2 weeks duration, required 10 study hours per week

Upon successful completion of this microcredential, you’ll receive a certificate from Institut Français de la Mode and 4 ECTS at Undergraduate level from Institut Français de la Mode.


Entry requirements

No previous skills or experience are required to complete the course. You simply need to justify an interest in the question of sustainable development in fashion. The course will be delivered in English.

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25 September 2022

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Certified Course - Fashion Sustainability: Shaping Fashion’s Future