The Corporate Governance Institute - Best Practice in ESG and Risk Management (Certificate)

Certificate that allows you to acquire the insights and skills to lead and strengthen your organisation’s ESG risk management.
  • The Corporate Governance Institute, Ireland
  • 495 €
  • 1 Days
  • Online
  • Start at your own pace

Course Information

Through this certificate you will acquire best practices in ESG and risk management including structured risk assessment planning, identifying issues and building solutions around them, comunicating ESG risk, implementing an effective ESG risk management process.


Key takeaways:

Ability to speak confidently about why investing in ESG is a risk worth taking and the opportunities an ESG risk management plan provides.

Capablity to demonstrate that an unsystematic approach to ESG will expose the organisation to deeper risk.

Gained sufficient competence to identify the ESG risks your organisation has unknowingly been managing for years to formally start integrating them.

Expertise to communicate ESG risk both internally and externally.


About the University / School

Founded by leaders in corporate governance and education, the Corporate Governance Institute is a global educational technology company specialising in training and certifying the next generation of company directors and board members and providing to existing directors world-class governance skills.

Designed diploma and certificate level courses are response to the growing demand for good governance and its positive impact on society and the planet. The Corporate Governance Institute is the global voice for good corporate governance.


Learning format

This certificate is going to take you 3,5 hours, and is delivered 100% online.


Entry requirements

No formal entry requirements.