The Corporate Governance Institute - Cyber security for Directors (Certificate)

This certificate will allow you to acquire the skills and knowledge to understand resources required to deal with potential cyber threats and attacks.
  • The Corporate Governance Institute, Ireland
  • 495 €
  • 1 Days
  • Online
  • Start at your own pace

Course Information

Data concerning cyber attacks is alarming. According to global research on the state of security in 2022, 65% of organisations have reported an increase in cyber attacks in recent times.

Bearing in mind that cyber threats are constantly evolving and methods used more and more sophisticated, it is not difficult to forecast a catastrophic impact to an organisation. The problem is big and serious enough to make a cyber security protection a key strategic issue for boards.

Only organisations with substantial knowledge and skilled in cyber crime prevention professionals know how to respond quickly to an incident and significantly reduce the impact it has on the business.


About the University / School

Founded by leaders in corporate governance and education, the Corporate Governance Institute is a global educational technology company specialising in training and certifying the next generation of company directors and board members and providing to existing directors world-class governance skills.

Designed diploma and certificate level courses are response to the growing demand for good governance and its positive impact on society and the planet. The Corporate Governance Institute is the global voice for good corporate governance.


Learning format

This certificate takes 3,5 hours to be completed. It is delivered 100% online and it does not require your presence at any specific time.

What you can expect from this course is to provide you with insightful knowledge on common threats and vulnerabilities, how to prepare for them and how to respond. You will learn about core concepts of cyber security and gain understanding of different types of security threats. You will gain knowledge about the first, second and third line defenses of cyber security, and the commonly used standards for bench marking.


Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this certificate. However, the programme has been designed for existing or aspiring directors therefore strong managerial background is a plus in order to have understanding of managerial/directorial practices in the context of digital transformation.