The Corporate Governance Institute - The Effective Company Secretary (Certificate)

This certificate teaches how to become an effective company secretary on your board through maintaining transparency, fairness and accountability in the boardroom.
  • The Corporate Governance Institute, Ireland
  • 495 €
  • 1 Days
  • Online
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Course Information

The Company Secretary is crucial to the successful operation of boards, and often considered a legal requirement in many types of companies. Becoming an effective company secretary means builiding high level of trust with the board, maintaining transparency, fairness and accountability in the boardroom.

The company secretary in the context of governance operations holds a strategic position and requires specific skills to handle a diverse range of tasks. The role is considered essential but is also challenging and meaningful taking into account delivering an organisation’s overall corporate governance.


About the University / School

Founded by leaders in corporate governance and education, the Corporate Governance Institute is a global educational technology company specialising in training and certifying the next generation of company directors and board members and providing to existing directors world-class governance skills.

Designed diploma and certificate level courses are response to the growing demand for good governance and its positive impact on society and the planet. The Corporate Governance Institute is the global voice for good corporate governance.


Learning format

This 3,5 hour long certificate course is delivered 100% online. This certificate provides in depth insight into the legal basis for the secretarial role, discusses how the role has evolved and its multiple aspects.

You will learn about the role and its responsibilities including managing administration, running board meetings, record keeping, execution of documents and advisory assistance. You will learn how effectively model good leadership behaviour, how to build good relations with key stakeholders and the board, and how to be a solutions provider and trusted advisor, and finally how to adopt and deploy new approaches and technology in the boardroom.


Entry requirements

There are no formal requirements for this certificate course. Prior secretarial or administrative experience is a plus.