The Open University- Tackling the Climate Crisis

Explore Cuba’s response to crises and how their “thrifty innovation” can help develop solutions to climate change challenges. This microcredential has been created by The Open University.
  • The Open University, England
  • 569 $
  • 10 Weeks
  • Online
  • 24 October 2022

Course Information

This course explores a new take on innovation to tackle the climate crisis, tracing the evolution of Cuban science and unique solutions through resourceful resilience. Drawing inspiration from distinctive Cuban methodologies, our academic research and holistic view provides an innovation framework to develop your own appropriate, possible, and actionable solutions to tackle climate change. This unique microcredential is more than discovering and learning about new innovative ways of tackling the climate crisis. You will be equipped with tools and insights that you can apply to your chosen challenge.


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Learning format

Before the course starts, learners will be encouraged to research the subjects of climate crisis, Cuba’s recent history, politics, society and challenges faced by developing countries. This course looks at what characterises the Cuban approach to innovation as it is applied to different challenges. You’ll also learn how you might apply some of the principles to tackling climate change.

At the end of the course, having explored different perspectives from Cuba, you’ll be invited to share your thoughts and plans for action, using the “thrifty innovation” framework, alongside your new knowledge and skills, to tackle the climate crisis the Cuban way. Upon completion, you’ll receive your academic credits from The Open University. You’ll also have ongoing, unlimited access to the course materials.


Entry requirements

The course material does not assume that learners have prior knowledge of Cuba. Some familiarity with global scientific, economic and social consequences of the climate crisis would be beneficial. You do not require any specific experience or qualifications to enrol.

The course draws on practical examples from the Cuban approach to tackle the climate crisis and will help you to develop an appropriate, possible, and actionable response to your climate crisis challenge.

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24 October 2022

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The Open University - The Open University- Tackling the Climate Crisis