University of Liverpool - Data Science and Artificial Intelligence MSc

This conversion degree provides opportunities to explore the domains of artificial intelligence and data science.
  • University of Liverpool, England
  • 15300 £
  • 30 Months
  • Online
  • 11 October 2022

Course Information

Data science and artificial intelligence are believed to be one of most exciting areas of computing. Applications of data in modern businesses and modern engineering is the main focus of these studies, together with artificial intelligence focused on using data to develop intelligent systems that can think and learn for themselves.

This discipline offers a variety of interesting jobs including developers, engineers, analysts all playing a critical role in sectors of data science and machine learning. A starting point for such a role is getting right education in place.

This programme is dedicated to students from a non-computing background. Throughout its duration you will be provided with knowledge and technical skills that are directly applicable in the workplace. You will learn how to collect and analyse information required for making data-driven decisions. You will also learn how to use intelligent systems across a range of contexts.

The University of Liverpool is one of the world leaders in data science and artificial intelligence research. Its 2021 founded Digital Innovation Facility will provide students with a purpose-built environment for cutting-edge research into multiple academic disciplines including AI, robotics and data analytics. 

You will have access to an online development environment to practice and refine your new technical skills, which also contains all of the technologies and software you will need for the course – inclusive within your tuition fee. 

Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to apply your new skills to a range of real-world challenges, and upon completion, you will be prepared to research, create and implement solutions to technical problems within your future career. 

This programme offers alternative awards, meaning you may opt for either a full Masters degree, or finish up with either Post Graduate Diploma or Post Graduate Certificate.


About the University / School

One of the six original 'red brick' civic universities, the University of Liverpool is also a part of the Russell Group, the group is a collaboration of 20 leading research-intensive universities. With a  worldwide ranking in the top 200 Universities, it is also known for for ten Nobel Prize winners amongst its alumni and past faculty.

University of Liverpool's Online courses are delivered by Kaplan Open Learning. Being a leading international provider of fully online postgraduate education, with more than 10,000 students from over 160 countries, the University of Liverpool has one of the most international virtual classrooms.


Learning format

This programme consists of eight modules (5 core modules and 3 electives) followed by the dissertation. In order to earn a full Master of Science (MSc) you need to complete 180 credits, 120 credits to earn the postgraduate diploma (PGDip), and 60 credits to earn the postgraduate certificate (PGCert). 

  • Global Trends in Computer Science (15 credits)
  • Mathematics and Statistics for Data Science and AI (15 credits)
  • Software Development in Practice (15 credits)
  • Databases and Information Systems (15 credits)
  • Elective modules: choose three: 
    • Reasoning and Intelligent Systems (15 credits) 
    • Machine Learning in Practice (15 credits) 
    • Multi-Agent Systems Robotics (15 credits)
    • Deep Learning (15 credits)
    • Natural Language Processing and Understanding (15 credits) 
  • Research Methods in Computer Science (15 credits)
  • Computer Science Capstone Project (60 credits)

Entry requirements

In order to qualify for the programme an applicant can needs to present an academic degree and relevant work experience of about 3-4 years. In case of lack of academic degree, a minimum of 6- 8 years of relevant work experience is enough to apply.

Additionally, all applicants should be proficient in English language.

All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis, please enquire to find out more.

Apply before:

04 October 2022

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University of Liverpool - University of Liverpool - Data Science and Artificial Intelligence MSc