We are an educational portal where students, prospective students can browse, compare university programmes and find the best fit for them. The aim of our portal is to help with your educational goals. We realize that this is a very important step in your life and we want to help with making this decision a little easy for you.


Our comparison tool compares programmes on filters like alumni network, % of international students or international faculty, accreditation and many more factors. This is value-added content and helps prospective students to make the right decision for a very important step of their lives. We have created these filters based on the discipline so we compare programmes in the most just manner.


Our category page will help you to look at different disciplines and understand the scope of studying them- career prospects  and much more.


So take the first step and look through our range of university programmes and also our short courses to fit your need. Start your journey today.   


We believe that education can be life-changing and everybody should have access to it. This is our own small way to improve that access.

We know first-hand how transformational higher education can be. That’s why we’ve joined forces to create Quest for Education to help achieve this mission.


With this portal – www.findmyprogramme.com – we aim to help you make the right study choice for your future. We’re inspired by the many stories we’ve heard from students who have furthered their own success and helped their communities through education. Now it’s your turn! Enjoy choosing the programme that works for you. And know that we’re here in the background, championing your success!


We’re a small team with big ambitions, on a mission to match you with educational opportunities that can help you realise your dreams!

Hello – Barbara Galkowska and Sheetal Pathki here. Two global citizens, we met in the Netherlands as colleagues in online university education, became good friends and are now launching our new venture as business partners. It’s been quite a journey – we share nearly 30 years of experience in education – and the best is yet to come!

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