10 facts to check for picking your perfect online programme.

by Find My Programme on Aug 12, 2021

10 facts to check for picking your perfect online programme.



Fact checker for choosing the right university for yourself for online programmes


1. Make a list of programmes you are interested in.

2. Check which universities offer these programmes.

3. Check the course content,  check application qualification.

4. Check the alumni on social media channels, see if you have common connections - connect with people who may have studied in the shortlisted universities.

5. From the shortlist compare the programmes, universities, alumni participation, faculty, international student body.

6. Check the duration, fees – this is an important consideration and a big investment.

7. Compare opportunities after completing the programme.

8. Discuss your aspirations with your manager.

9. Check for scholarships/financial assistance if your organisation offers it.

10. Enquire with all short-listed universities and speak to all the student advisors for more information before making a final decision.

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