Falmouth University- presenting the university and online courses revision.

by Find My Programme on Aug 8, 2022

Falmouth University- presenting the university and online courses revision.

University’s history


Falmouth University originated in 1902. It was initially named Falmouth College of Art and Design before transitioning the name to the University College Falmouth. The campus name comes from the excellence in arts that attracted painters to Cornwall Campus for generations. Falmouth University fully received the University Charter in December 2012.

The student population of Falmouth University exceeds 4700. Falmouth graduates have been certified gold in Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) back in 2017.


Falmouth University has considerably invested in research and infrastructure development facilities distributed among two of its branch campuses. Facilities were designed and formulated with expert assistance in order to optimize the development of students’ professional skills. This set of investments is a continuous process.


The university offers courses such as traditional studio in fine arts, graphic design, and illustrations. Falmouth University also has an independent institution of photography that leverages the availability of unique coastal settings to create courses such as a BA in marine and natural history photography underwater as an optional study.


The University was fully certified in 2012 to become a public university and is known for its multi-art concentration. Some of the art classes include architecture and design, fashion and textiles, communication and journalism, music and theatre arts, and film and television. These courses were offered on Campuses outside the town, such as Penryn Campus and the University of Exeter, formulated to boost learning before the scarce higher education availability within Cornwall.


Why Falmouth University?


The principal goal of Falmouth University is to provide a set of skills required to attain exceptional jobs and confidence in a business to convert ideas learned and commercialize them to success. Undergraduate students learn to strengthen their creative minds, enquire entrepreneurship skills, and industry knowledge from day one. Equipped with these skills, students are ready to practice what they have been taught in creative industries.


Falmouth University's employment rate after graduation reaches 97percent, and 28 percent of students are self-employed. This statistic is four times greater than the average for the United Kingdom. Most of the alumni of Falmouth University are field experts. Their vocational skills and knowledge of the business sector acquired during their studies are vital for the industry.


Entry Requirements


Falmouth University’s study application is based on individual basis. For an applicant to enroll for the course, holding an honor’s degree is a must. For those without an honor’s degree or any other certificate, a solid professional experience can be considered sufficient towards being accepted to the programme.

During the application process, you will be requested to present your professional experience and provide your motivation for taking this online course at Falmouth University. It is also required to present how you think it will help you in your career development process.


You are required to either be an English speaker or prove your language fluency with one of the official English proficiency exams either IELTS (required minimum qualification score of IELTS 6.5 with a score of more than 6.0 in reading, speaking, listening, and writing), or TOEFL iBT (required at least 88 of the total score and not less than 21 in all four modules), or LanguageCert (required a Higher Pass from the ESOL B2 communication test for reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills).


How you learn


At Falmouth University, you will use some of the modules to practice the development of your creative skills. You will be guided by a group of experienced tutors offering you regular evaluation and providing continuous support and feedback. What you can expect to experience in the programme is:

  • Online presentations introducing you to key modules,
  • Small group and class engagements to improve skills in peer interaction and collaboration,
  • Online critiques providing feedback during presentations from peers and your tutor,
  • Group sessions,
  • Independent study.


Face-to-face events


Falmouth University promotes face-to-face events to enhance networking with online peers in person, resulting in introducing students to the concept of cultural diversification and learning from different perspectives based on exchanging ideas and experiences. As a student at Falmouth University, you must participate in two face-to-face events per academic period.


These events are held during weekends to make sure they do not correspond to students’ and tutors’ busy lifestyles. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it was not possible to hold these events on a face-to-face basis, however, the University has been encouraging online sessions. This is to make sure the collaborative initiative of students and industry professionals is being sustained so that the program can be captivating and educative.


Ranking updates for Falmouth University


The Times Higher Education World University has listed over 1600 universities across 99 countries and territories. This ranking shows the diversity of the Campuses to date:

  • 13 Jun 2022: The School of Accounting and Finance at Falmouth University is ranked #37
  • 13 Jun 2022: New edition of CUG The Complete University Guide – UK. Falmouth University ranked #70
  • 20 Apr 2022: British Quacquarelli Symonds, UK, announced the latest result of QS World University Rankings by Subject (Accounting and Finance) with Falmouth University in position 101.
  • 01 Jan 2022: Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities update. Falmouth achieves place 4194


TEF Award for Teaching and Student Outcomes


Falmouth University has also received numerous awards, including the TEF Gold trophy.

What does the TEF Gold trophy measure?

TEF is abbreviated as "Teaching Excellence and Student Outcome Framework." This award is given after scrutinizing undergraduate learning only. It is based on the following criteria:

  • Student Satisfaction- measured by the National Student Survey (NSS) and including individual student reviews.
  • Continuation/ Dropout rates-providing detailed data on annual dropout rates and reasons behind. This data is available at the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).
  • Employment outcomes-data on post graduation employment outcomes.


How does this compare to the other universities?


Across UK Universities and Colleges:

  • 72 attained TEF Gold
  • 132 attained TEF Silver
  • 56 attained TEF Bronze
  • 175 attained a provisional award


Why should you enroll in online courses at Falmouth University?


Falmouth University has flexible learning facilities. This matters significantly for busy working professionals allowing students to study at any time and from any place in the world.  

Being an online student, you are getting the same benefits as students following progress learning. As an online student, you are eligible for receiving a student ID card, and applying for a NUS student discount card. You are part of the alumni network.


Some of online courses

Falmouth University offers a selection of courses in different art-related disciplines and at different levels starting from post-graduate certificate, through bachelor level programmes and finishing with master programmes.


Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) is a perfect programme for those who wish to work in the field of education. This program was certified by the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) in 2011.


Through this programme you will:

  • Be able to strengthen your limits by being motivated to try new ideas and be a risk taker safely and in a supportive ecology.
  • Build confidence in your skill by practicing the skill learned in your student experience.
  • Gain interpersonal relationships and diversity because of the availability of online classes with peers from different states, disciplines, and backgrounds, allowing you to network and view things differently.
  • Enable you to be a critical thinker by evaluating your decisions using pedagogical research, policy framework, and scholars.
  • Be certified internationally with qualifications for teaching and learning in Higher Education.


Bachelor’s degree in Photography

This art course will equip you with knowledge necessary to understand the skill set vital for the application of technology in the increasingly complex competitive creative industries. This program compiles gifted expertise in the international market with a desire to succeed in innovation and leadership; it also allows networking in photography and discovering critical perceptions and mindset.

You will receive international recognition as verification for completing the program and will be able to build a network of people located all over the globe and sharing sentiments and ideas of the same expertise.


Through this programme you will:

  • Traverse and expand your mindset through workshop-based learning, with a program in our learning Hub, everywhere on the Campus and beyond.
  • Be exposed to the various photography equipment, for example, studios, darkrooms, and diversified digital and analog cameras.
  • Network with various creative minds and collaborate with experts in the same career to boost your confidence in the career market.
  • Structure your skill by working with experts who are artists in photography, curators, writing, and good decision maker in their careers.
  • Be able to try experiments on your projects to determine positive outcomes.
  • Market your skill throughout the entire program and be evaluated by the new audience.


Masters in Writing for Script and Screen

This program will equip you with adequate skills for writing, understanding the market gap, and executive skills and experience to collaborate your work to change the demanding market. This course will provide you with knowledge that enables you to be unique from the rest; it also enables you to understand how to carry out a duty in the professional arena across various industries.


Through this programme you will:

  • Be guided on the principles of storytelling and how to apply that aptitude in your script writing medium.
  • Attain executive skills required to compete in the script writing sector. For instance, Falmouth University will train you how to write treatments, develop character and setting, arrange your work in the correct format, and voice intonation skills in your technical writing.
  • Gain access to other experts in the same profession worldwide and network to build character.
  • Ability to research and be a critical thinker in decision making that entails writing practice.
  • Practice your skills in contemporary issues and develop the screen industry.


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