Short courses are for all, check what interests you the most.

by Find My Programme on Nov 18, 2021

Short courses are for all, check what interests you the most.


Have you wanted to learn something that was not related to work or education?


Perhaps you have always been interested in how politics work at the international level or wanted to learn how to quilt? It’s not unusual to have a variety of interests or hobbies. Human beings are naturally curious creatures and the urge to learn is ingrained in us. In fact, research shows that it is a trait that we should nurture. A study by the University of California – Riverside showed that older adults who spent just 1.5 months learning multiple tasks (like photography, music composition, and Spanish) simultaneously increased their cognitive abilities to levels similar to those of middle-aged adults, 30 years younger.

While time can be a big obstacle in our thirst for knowledge, the huge number of short courses available online today make it so much easier to learn. Read on for our top reasons why taking an online short course is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


  1. Personal Development:

Name a topic and there’s an online course out there for it. There are plenty of personal development courses that help people overcome their weaknesses and develop productive habits. For example, if you constantly feel stressed or demotivated, there are courses that can help you learn the mechanisms for reducing stress and motivating yourself. You can also learn practical skills like goal setting, timekeeping, and filing.

Personal development courses can help you with your personal and professional life. Taking a self-improvement course can help you show potential employers what a go-getter you are, especially when you get asked that dreaded interview question, “what’s your weakness?”. For example, if you need confidence in using digital technology, have a look at this short course on problem-solving in a digital age that can help you navigate an increasingly digital world.


  1. Indulge an Interest:

Learning a new skill and, better yet, discovering you are good at it can give you an immense boost of confidence. Even small victories along the way can be rewarding, create a sense of wellbeing and act as a de-stressor. Apart from a physical skill, you can even choose a topic that piques your interest or applies to your lifestyle. For example, if you are interested in how your choices impact the environment, have a look at this course on tackling the climate crisis or if you like playing around with a camera, check out this course on digital photography. Apart from making you a brilliant conversationalist at dinner parties thanks to your newfound knowledge, you may find that you develop skills and knowledge that you can apply in the workplace, too.


  1. Test Drive a New Career Path:

If you are thinking of switching careers, you may want to test the waters before committing to it wholeheartedly. A short course on a topic that interests you can help you gain further insights before spending time and money on a full-fledged degree. What’s more, is that micro-credentials offered by short courses often count towards the credits necessary to complete a degree. This can help you save time in the future if you decide to study for a degree. This short course The Future Of Fashion And Media With Condé Nast allows prospective fashion students to explore what it is like to study and pursue a career in the world of fashion.

Apart from gaining transferable skills by learning something completely new, taking a short course also offers opportunities to expand your social and business networks.

If you would like to learn more about the various options available, you can explore a variety of short courses and micro credentials here.



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