Why choose to study BSL's Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

by Find My Programme on Apr 5, 2022

Why choose to study BSL's Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Choosing to study further after a master’s degree can open up new opportunities. For those in the field of business administration, a terminal degree can offer many options in terms of career advancement as well as building expertise in a particular area of the field. Terminal degrees in business administration are offered either as Ph.Ds. or DBAs. Read on to learn the main differences between the two and why opting for a DBA can be a good idea – depending on your career goals of the course.

Is a DBA equivalent to a PhD?

The short answer is yes! The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and PhD in Business Administration are both the highest levels of education one can attain in the field and graduates of both degrees can use the designation ‘Dr’.

What is the difference between a DBA and a PhD?

While there are quite a few similarities between a DBA and PhD, the main differences lie in the research focus, student intake, and potential career outcomes after each degree. A PhD can suit those interested in pursuing a career in academia. Typically, the research topic in a PhD focuses on theoretical research where students may develop a new theory or contribute new knowledge to an existing one. PhD programmes typically accept students with a master’s degree in a business-related field and may require some work experience. PhD holders can follow career paths within academia, research, and public policy-making bodies.

While the theory is important, its practical application can be even more so. A DBA involves an applied approach to research – whereby research conducted addresses a real-life business issue practically. In short, a DBA involves combining theoretical knowledge with its practical application. DBA students typically start by identifying a real-world business problem and then applying scientific methods into solving it. DBA degrees, being more practically oriented, place a great emphasis on the work experience of candidates, apart from requiring a master’s degree in a business-related field. Those with a DBA degree can apply their experience in their careers as business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs, or choose to teach in universities.

Time-taken to degree

Although part-time degrees are on the rise, PhD programmes typically require students to enrol full-time and can require four-five years to complete. This can often mean that students of PhD programs do not have the time to pursue work other than their course of study. This can make earning a terminal degree a difficult task for established business professionals.

A DBA, on the other hand, is a programme designed for working professionals. It can be studied as a part-time programme and usually takes between three to six years to complete. Many DBA programs also offer hybrid learning, allowing business professionals to travel for work and continue their studies at the same time.

DBA at the Business School Lausanne (BSL)

The DBA programme at BSL is ranked 2nd out of 58 University and Business School Doctoral and Executive Education programs in Europe by the European Commission. This doctoral degree programme aims to enable you to transform business while advancing academic research at the same time.

The programme does not concentrate just on the innovation of a specific company or department but on the innovation of the entire industry and future business framing. Building the bridge between producing academic research and business world practicality means finding solutions applicable in practice and that is the main focus of this study.

Dr Shamaila Gull is an alumnus of the programme from Pakistan. Her motivation for studying this program was to solidify her grip on research-based knowledge and to excel in the field of academics for which she needed to enhance her knowledge.

The personalized approach means students can identify a real-world problem related to their work with the guidance of a supervisor and work towards finding a solution building a bridge between the worlds of business and research.

Learn more about the BSL Doctorate Of Business Administration (DBA) here.

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