The Corporate Governance Institute - Leading ESG Transformation in your Organisation (Certificate)

This certificate course will lead you through the complex act of implementing an ESG strategy that reflects good practice.
  • The Corporate Governance Institute, Ireland
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  • 1 Days
  • Online
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Course Information

This certificate course will lead you through the complex act of implementing an ESG strategy that reflects good practice. It will guide you through what is required from people, processes and technology across the organisation to lead a sustainable transformation that is crucial to meet stakeholder expectations, mitigate risk, embrace opportunities and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Do you know that 88% of Europe’s, 87% of the UK’s and 85% of Australia’s top companies now tie financial incentives to ESG? Organisations worldwide are now getting serious about the value of ESG, in particular climate change as it dominates agendas.


Key takeaways:


  • Exploring the factors to consider and the framework to follow when you’re implementing your ESG strategy.
  • Learning how to address disruptions to core organisational processes and partnerships that might be required to deliver your strategy.
  • Discovering how to define the roles and responsibilities of people involved in delivering the ESG strategy and accompanying communications plan.
  • Learning from an experienced organisation about best practices in developing a sustainability plan and steps to follow.


Having comleted this certificate course you will be in a position to confidently speak about any redesign of products, processes or partnerships needed to deliver the strategy and be able to understand what’s needed to structure your ESG efforts across your whole organisation. This course will prepare to be able to identify what level of disruption may occur to core processes or partnerships and define any support needed. You will be in a position to identify the data, technology and partnership that need to be in place for a smooth delivery and assess and understand level of resources, budget and capabilities needed to introduce best ESG structure.


About the University / School

Founded by leaders in corporate governance and education, the Corporate Governance Institute is a global educational technology company specialising in training and certifying the next generation of company directors and board members and providing to existing directors world-class governance skills.

Designed diploma and certificate level courses are response to the growing demand for good governance and its positive impact on society and the planet. The Corporate Governance Institute is the global voice for good corporate governance.


Learning format

This certificate is going to take you 3,5 hours, and is delivered 100% online.


Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.