Queen Mary University of London- online programmes review

by Find My Programme on Sep 5, 2022

Queen Mary University of London- online programmes review

Queen Mary University of London Online Study

The Queen Mary University of London is a world-class university offering various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees both on campus and online. The QMUL Online Study has a strong reputation for academic excellence and research. It also offers a flexible and convenient study method, with various online courses available. The university is committed to delivering high-quality education and offers support services to help students succeed in their academic journey. Queen Mary's online courses are designed to challenge and at the same time engage students, providing them with the skills and knowledge they require to progress and succeed in the future in their chosen fields. 65% of university students come from the UK, the remaining 35% from 170 countries all over the world.

 The Queen Mary University of London Online Study is home to some of the world's most accomplished and well-known alumni. From business leaders and entrepreneurs to artists and entertainers and Nobel Prize laureates among its former students and academic staff members, the alumni have made their mark in every field imaginable.

 Among notable accomplishments of the QMUL Online Study there are:

  • The Queen's Anniversary Prize in 2018 for its outstanding contribution to online learning.
  • Listing among the top 10 of the UK's online universities in the Times Higher Education Online University Rankings 2019.
  • Enlisted in the top 20 of the world's online universities in the QS Online University Rankings 2020.


Courses Portfolio

The Queen Mary University of London Online Study offers a range of online courses that allow students to study at their own pace and in their own time from any place in the world. Whether you want to study for a few hours a week or a few hours a day, online courses can fit your other commitments. The online courses are designed and taught by Queen Mary academics, so you can be sure you're getting the exact same quality of education as students studying on campus. The Queen Mary University of London offers a total of 60 online and part-time courses under the following categories:

  • Post Graduate Certificate Courses (PGCert)
  • Post Graduate Diploma Courses (PGDip)
  • Masters Programmes (MSc)
  • Master of Laws (LLM)


Some of the most popular courses include the following:

- Global Public Health

Through this programme, you will be joining the global conversation on health discrepancies and how to avoid them and learn how to be part of the solution. Analyzing problems from multiple angles (social, political, economic, ecological) will allow you to develop a holistic view of the discussed problem and understand how these factors influence people’s health in their daily lives.With gained expertise and qualifications, will allow you to search for employment in health policy and health service delivery sectors at local, national and international levels, and in governmental and international bodies and NGOs. For more information about the programme and application please go here.

- International Dispute Resolution

This programme provokes critical thinking and allows for the development of an analytical approach to problem-solving. It is directed to individuals with legal backgrounds to inspire a new generation of lawyers to rethink traditional approaches to conflict and its resolution and to equip them with the tools required to succeed in the field. The programme prepares me for a career in the field of international arbitration and global casework. The application link can be found here.

- International Public Policy

The course offers an excellent opportunity for those who wish to study public policy in an international context and improve their career prospects. The course has been carefully designed by world-leading academics in politics and international relations. The unique curriculum combines public policy with international relations studies.  It allows students to explore the development, possibilities and limitations of international policy-making. In order to apply for this programme, please go here.

- International Relations

In this programme, you will be involved in the analysis of the key issues and concepts of the exciting field of world politics, international relations and the significance of globalization. You will expand your knowledge and will be able to express constructive criticism on international issues by exploring the complexities of such aspects as financial crunch, military interventions, and economic crises all in a global context. In order to apply for this demanding and thought-provoking programme, please go here.

All the above-mentioned programmes are offered in 3 award options Post Graduate Certificate (having completed two modules), Post Graduate Diploma (having completed four modules) and a Master’s degree (having completed four modules and dissertation). This means that you do not need to commit straight away to a programme of 12-month duration. You can take it step by step, making sure you meet milestones that allow awarding you with a certificate, diploma, or master's. The above are just a few courses offered at Queen Mary University of London Online Study.


Submitting Your Application

Applying to study at the Queen Mary University of London is easy and can be done online. If you decide to follow any of the above-listed programmes, just click on the “enquire for the programme” link. In case you wish to apply to any other programme, simply visit the university website and navigate to the admissions page.

Ensure all required documents and information are ready before beginning the application process. Once your application is complete, submit it and wait for a response from the University.

Applications are open throughout the year, but applying a few months in advance is best since it will give you enough time to complete the process and get accepted into the program. Once accepted, you can begin taking courses and earning your degree or certificate.

Queen Mary University of London Online Study is an excellent choice for anyone looking to further their education or advance their career.


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