The Corporate Governance Institute - Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

The world’s first university credit-rated online Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).
  • The Corporate Governance Institute, Ireland
  • 4495 €
  • 6 Months
  • Online
  • Start at your own pace

Course Information

This diploma qualification is the world’s first university credit-rated online Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). It will prepare you to become a qualified ESG leader, able to anticipate investors’ questions before they are asked, manage the associated risks and implement an appropriate ESG framework.

The course is divided into 10 modules and two multiple-question assessments. Modules will cover such aspects as the origins of ESG and E,S,G factors, growth of ESG and its changing landscape, investment approach in relation to ethical and ESG investing, corporate governance principles and board roles and responsibilities in delivering ESG, developing corporate sustainability strategy, understanding managing and mitigating ESG risk, governance practices in ESG, optimising the use of ESG data across all aspects of your business, reporting ESG data to support strategic decisions and finally the last module focusing on delivering a successful sustainable transformation in the organisation using the right framework and tools.

The focus is on starting making an impact at leadership level and in the boardroom with your understanding of Environmental, Social and Governance.


About the University / School

Founded by leaders in corporate governance and education, the Corporate Governance Institute is a global educational technology company specialising in training and certifying the next generation of company directors and board members and providing to existing directors world-class governance skills.

Designed diploma and certificate level courses are response to the growing demand for good governance and its positive impact on society and the planet. The Corporate Governance Institute is the global voice for good corporate governance.


Learning format

This diploma is taught through a mix of written content, podcasts, interactive exercises and scenario challenges. A self-paced diploma delivery means that you can study the course in your own tempo, up to 6 months.

Content quality is ensured by Corporate Governance Institute speakers who are ESG specialists from a wide variety of industries and with various experiences, they are also professionally active, involved in numerous types of businesses. This optimizes you exposure to newest trends, theories and real-life sceanrios being crucial to understanding the ESG factors in a variety of contexts.


Entry requirements

Even though there are no formal entry requirements, this diploma course has been designed and is delivered by ESG professionals for aspiring ESG leaders. A diploma candidate needs to prove interest and preferably experience in the field to understand programme content and actively participate in class discussions.